Thursday, May 31, 2012

Automatic Expungement of Criminal Records in NJ

The New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee recently approved bills which, if they become laws, will allow for the automatic expungement of criminal records for those successfully completing drug court and those convicted of an indictable offense who have no prior or subsequent convictions, those convicted of disorderly persons or petty disorderly offenses, and those adjudicated delinquent of acts for which automatic expungements would be allowed. The courts are in opposition to this bill because it shifts the burden of expungements from the party to the court. The court points to the substantial burden on their resources from doing the additional work lawyers normally handle in the expungement process. It could be a while before we see automatic expungements in NJ. If you have a criminal history that is holding you back from obtaining jobs, promotions, entrance into certain schools or otherwise negatively impacting your life, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to see if you are eligible for an expungement. For more information on expungements or criminal law matters in New Jersey visit

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