Sunday, July 8, 2012

Domestic Violence Affects Your Ability to Go Home in NJ

In New Jersey, domestic violence applies to current or past spouses, in-laws and even unmarried co-habitants living within a household, children, parents, siblings, in as well as anyone with whom you have an existing or, in some cases, past relationship. Domestic violence charges may stem from assault, terroristic threats or harassment. If found guilty of domestic violence the penalties can include jail or prison, a criminal record potential employers will see, mandatory anger management classes, inability to own or possess a firearm and the requirement that you stay away from your home and family. Under NJ law, if you are found guilty of domestic violence, you may be barred from your own residence, even if you are the exclusive owner of the residence. What this means is you will find yourself making a mortgage payment to maintain your spouse or significant other in your own residence when you are barred from re-entry. The requirement to maintain the individual in your home can continue for an extended period, especially in the event of domestic violence against a spouse where it may continue beyond a final judgment of divorce until your children graduate from high school or college. If you are the subject of a domestic violence complaint in NJ, you should seek an experienced criminal law attorney immediately in order to protect your rights and your future. For more information on domestic violence, family or criminal law matters in NJ visit

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