Thursday, September 10, 2009

Child Support

Child support is not optional and is not waivable by the parties. If you have a "deal" with your child's other parent that he or she will not seek child supoprt through the Court as long as you make payments to him or her and buy certain items for the child be careful! This is a better deal for the person receiving support than the one paying it. The Court continues to keep track of what is due. Eventually the other party will take may take you back to Court and say you were not making payments, leaving you to your proofs. Alternatively, if you are paying through probation, your balance continues to accrue, unless you and the other party agree and a Judge signs an Order indicating you are not liable to pay probation any longer.
If you wish to modify child support in New Jersey you may do so by appearing before the Family Court by way of formal Motion for Modification of Child Support. If you think you are entitled to a reduction or increase in child support payments seek an attorney who is familiar with such matters and can guide you through the calculations used and help you to get a fair result.

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