Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guilty Pleas

Many people make guilty pleas when offeres are presented by the prosecution for lesser sentences or probation. Often the allure of the plea offer makes the accused forget about the consequences of the guilty plea, specifically that they will now have a criminal record and that the plea will be admissable in any civil trial relating to the same matter. Although a criminal trial is something most wish to avoid, especially when the prosecutor is making statements indicating that a much harsher sentence will be imposed following a trial then the one offered in the plea agreement, if you have sufficient evidence that you are likely to be found not guilty, or perhaps guilty of only a lesser included offense, then a trial may save you from the burdens imposed upon you by a criminal record. When you are facing criminal charges, be sure to have competent counsel who can assess the facts of the case as presented by both sides and make a fair assessment of your options before accepting any plea offers.

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