Thursday, June 14, 2012

Same-Sex Unions and DOMA in NJ

Although New Jersey has been the focal point of same-sex marriage issues this month, it is worth discussing changes in the laws of other states which may ultimately bear on NJ. Last week the federal appellate court for the first circuit held the federal Defense of Marriage Act violates the Constitution through the denial of federal benefits to same-sex couples legally married under state laws. Although NJ has progressed only to civil unions, rather than marriage, for same-sex couples, NJ does recognize same-sex marriages from other states and does afford some of the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples. This first circuit appellate case, heard in Boston, pertained to same-sex marriage under Massachusetts law. It is anticipated that there will now be a petition to the Supreme Court to hear the case. For more information on civil unions, domestic partnerships, dissolution, support, child custody or child support visit

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